Luau at Deer Creek Resevoir

The fire was ignited early in the morning in preparation for a night that was sure to be remembered by all who were in attendance. It is no easy feat roasting an entire pig, but a challenge the New Roads Kitchen Staff were willing to confront head on. Many hours of preparation, planning, waiting, and the night was ready to commence.






“The New Roads Luau was an incredible time. It was an awesome way to spend a night out camping. The whole smoked pig, salmon, and chickin was delicious. It was a great way for the community to come together and spend some time hanging out and relaxing.”

-Michael P.


“The Luau was the best! The food was absolutly phenomenal! Our kitchen staff did an amazing job as always and the momories made will stay with me for a life time!!”

– Mallory S.


“It was one of the best meals I’ve had. It was well presented and I will have this memory for the rest of my life. Thanks Pat, Doug, Robert, and everyone else who helped make that wonderful meal.”

-Scott M.


Good food, warm company, and fresh mountain air is the recipe for a wonderful night. We provide these experiences to young adults for them to enjoy the beauties in life, that they may see what sober life has to offer.

A special thanks to Robert Soria, Douglas Gerpheide, the New Roads Kitchen Staff, and Mentor Staff who all worked so hard to make this night a success.

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